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Welcome To NORWOOD CHAPTERS: The Exclusive Ali Saint Q Interview.

Ali Saint Q is en route to becoming the guy Dos XX should cast as the next “Most Interesting Man In The World”. His line, Norwood Chapters, is the insiders hottest ticket. The way every rappers favorite rapper is secretly Royce Da 5’9, is the way Norwood is positioned for those in the streetwear bubble. Norwood first got noticed for using the Ikea bag in the most sartorial ways possible. Then, other big dogs jacked the concept. But the cool thing about the internet is that it comes with time stamps on posts. Anyone can say what they want, my man Ali did it first. First matters. Ali and I spoke on the phone for damn near an hour the first time we talked. It wasn’t an interview, it was a barbershop culture talk. I grew up in the north east, and he in So Cal, but we spoke an…

LA Street Style Essentials. The DIY Scumbag On Sunset Look.

Blame it on Soundcloud rappers, 90’s hardcore and the unabashed return of the scumbag. The DIY meets B Horror film meets vintage porn thing is real. It’s a George Romero meets John Holmes meets CBGB poster aesthetic that has the west coast stuck right now. It’s not about matching and suave. It’s about gnarly haunts and benders, living like Sid Vicious, and being polished in your scummery. Brands like SURF IS DEAD, BOW3RY, PLEASURES, & FOR THOSE WHO SIN have lead the charge, and made the debauchery and low class the wave. If you want to dress like Jay Gatsby, head to prep school. If you want to live like River Phoenix, Steve-O, and Johnny Rotten, here’s your fucking guide book. SURF IS DEAD “RHINO” T You already know what the Rhino is, you scum lord. FOR THOSE WHO SIN “CHESS NOT CHECKERS” Scratched on the bathroom…