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Uglier Than Thou

How Unfashionable & Fugly Is The New High Class.
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When Baz Luhrmann reimagined F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic “The Great Gatsby” in 2013, culture changed. Leo in a 3 piece suit and spats, a gentleman’s haircut, and bespoke, transatlantic vintage tailoring moved the needle. If we’re being fair, it was already moving.

Japan’s Facetasm SS19 walks at the latest PFW.
The metrosexual and the hipster subcultures of the 2010’s emphasized polish. Perfect side parts, borderline highwaters, and a penchant for flair reigned supreme. From Brooklyn to Seoul luster was the move for a solid decade. This gave way to a revival of The DandyMen, newly empowered and motivated by shows like Peaky Blinders and Boardwalk Empire and artists like Jidennastarted not only embracing the sepia-toned venerable but flexing it. Instagram feeds were filled with Dandys who looked like they just stepped out of Luhrmann’s West Egg. Pleated trousers, pocket squares, Homburg hats, and perfectly groomed facial hair with hard-parted undercuts almost became a rule, not an exception. 
Sir Issac Newton was more mind-thanmannequinHowever, his third law applies to fashion just as much as it does to object. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, he states. That’s where we are now. Proper status wear has given way to rebellious fabrics and offensively disproportionate silhouettes. 
More from Facetasm, one of the leaders in the ugly fashion global phenomenon.
As with everything in culture, it’s never the A-Bomb, it’s always the slow burn. Freak City, a Los Angeles based fashion and lifestyle line, seemingly somewhere between Seapunk, Goth, and candy raver flea market; started this. Jeremy Scott solidified it by marking up the gaudy, and then it was knighted by creative provocateur Demna Gvasalia. 
Gvasalia, creative director at iconic Balenciaga and founder of troll-luxe cult line Vetements really tore the roof off tradition. Vet’s pieces fluctuate between the mundane to junkie as if it’s a subculture. Just look at what Demna did with Balenciaga’s love-it-or-hate-it sneaker silo recently. It’s like his only inspiration was a Sims Tumblr feed. His recent PFW collection is another bird-flip to the old guard. Vetements is just as much performance art as it is fashion. Oversized fits championing performative Mugatu couture has not only come up but is winning. Disassembled is sleek. Loudness is refinement. Unfashionable is confident. 
Mad genius Demna Gvasalia, who has changed high fashion with his troll-luxe, tongue-in-cheek creations that somehow became the new high fashion standard for 2018.

Vetements is just as much performance art as it is fashion. Oversized fits championing performative Mugatu couture has not only come up- but is winning.

Disassembled is sleek. Loudness is refinement. Unfashionable is confident. Here are some of our favorite pieces from this ideological current.

A total inside out deconstruction by Melrose cool kid visionaries Miguel Garcia x Candie Weitz.


This top from futura designers ASIF qualifies. Extra points for layering under a striped button-down that matches nothing else you have on.


The Dad Jean craze is at an all-time high. And these are as stereotypically perfect as can be for the fugly trend with piped stripes JNCO style.


Ticks all the boxes. Offensive, troll-esque. and well worth a snicker. Just slapping an early 2000’s basketball image of a star like Shaq in a position that compromises is everything at once. The caption gets right to the point. From scum-luxe leaders Skim Milk.


The “Dad Shoe” has dominated 2018 fashion. Plain, chunky, and sometimes wrapped in exaggerated 90’s style patterns on wider silos. To be worn with baggy cargos and a tucked in offensive t-shirt like the one above these rebooted 1997 kicks from Fila x Sneakerlab.



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